Benefits of Investing in Vacation Property

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Think about funding an investment. One of the benefits of buying real estate is that it provides the common place to use the bank’s money to source your acquisition. You can start with a down payment, make monthly payments, and overtime, increase your overall return on your investment.   Other benefits, especially with a rental property, include the appreciation over time, and potential tax advantages of a tax deferred plan, such as a 1031 exchange or charitable trust.

Consider investing in vacation rental properties. The benefits of ownership in an area where the location has a reputation for “places to visit”, such as the Vail ski resort may have numerous advantages..   Adding Vail, Colorado to your retirement portfolio will help you supplement future cash flow,   and   increase the opportunity to further appreciate your wealth.   Strategically, Vail’s low local population but high tourist population attributes to a good place to plant money, and a   fun and healthy lifestyle.     I recall during the 08+ recession, even though the real estate market went flat, it didn’t stop the the affluent from enjoying their vacations to Vail. The Town remained and still remains tourist friendly with excellent fine dining restaurants, boutique shopping, and accommodations at renown hotels and private homes.   And while you’re here, you can also enjoy the seasons of entertainment including festivals with fine art, music, dance, and of course, World Class ski racing.

Benefits of investing in Vail, Colorado have many advantages. Discuss your options with your tax counsel. You may appreciate the tax write offs available depending upon your income level or profession.

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